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soo i suppose that i have alot of explaining to do right now...
i have been gone for what...3 months now, and failed to even tell my fans that i was going on hiatus, or to tell you why..

to be quite honest, there is no reason. I guess i ran out of pages, and thought I could put off making more till school let out. well when it did, then there was prom and graduation, and open-house, family trips and WORK!! not to mention a new significant other. all those things have torn me away from concentration on working on this comic.fortunately, a couple days opened up for me and i was able to start drawing again, and then i remembered 'OHhh yeah...there was that comic and that one website i used to post it on and check it almost compulsively ...' so i decided i should get on that before i get into all that collegey crap...

so, while you can now look forward to about two months worth of finished pages, you may also look forward to a special treat i am working on for y'all...
i wish i could tell you all about it, but i dont want to spoil anything ;) you'll like it i promise!

xoxo thanks for sticking around!!

posted by Pandabarrie @ July 31st, 2008, 6:51 am   1 Comments


Bunnytrail, July 31st, 2008, 9:47 am

Whee!! Happy day! I like this comic. I faved it when I joined here even though you hadn't posted pages for about three months, and it was worth it!