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alright first off, sorry for the day-late post, and all the other stuff i promised.
Page 10 turned out very badly but i have attempted to fix it so many times that for the time being i'll let it be...
considering this page was originally done 2 times already, the first in the original, the second like a year ago (this is an old comic i'm fixing up all the pages for you guys), and those two pages were pretty much the worst done in the entire comic (slight exaggeration perhaps) this is actually an improvement.

anyway...lets see what you guys have to enjoy now...there are now 6 cats up in the characters profile, there is finally an incentive for topwebcomics (rather bloody? did someone die? maybe i'm just tricking you ;))

oh! i also submitted a vote link to TWC of Birchpaw, so maybe if you are voting around, you MIGHT bump into him soon :)

oh...and something i thought that i'd add is that in like a half an hour i'll be 18!! yaaay now i can buy cigarettes, go to the clubs, and date older people!!
haha :P
thats all for now...
oh! except i might mention that this is a really hectic week, so i haven't had a chance to work on an update, it'll likely be a day or so late. sorry :/

posted by Pandabarrie @ April 1st, 2008, 10:25 pm   0 Comments