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Hey guys!
sorry about missing last week, Im still getting into the new swing of college life, and going clubbing and such :P and im more likely than not, going to miss next week...
I hope that this will make up for it. I have:
1) uploaded some fan art; an awesome drawing of Pumatail by Jezzlin!
2) uploaded the Chapter 3 cover page
3) Uploaded Page 17
4) uploaded descriptions for TEN new characters!

and just cause im so close to hitting 150 fans,
5) i made a new comic cover!

check them all out! leave comments/crits, they're all appreciated


posted by Pandabarrie on September 11th, 2008, 7:36 pm   ||   1 comments


soo i suppose that i have alot of explaining to do right now...
i have been gone for what...3 months now, and failed to even tell my fans that i was going on hiatus, or to tell you why..

to be quite honest, there is no reason. I guess i ran out of pages, and thought I could put off making more till school let out. well when it did, then there was prom and graduation, and open-house, family trips and WORK!! not to mention a new significant other. all those things have torn me away from concentration on working on this comic.fortunately, a couple days opened up for me and i was able to start drawing again, and then i remembered 'OHhh yeah...there was that comic and that one website i used to post it on and check it almost compulsively ...' so i decided i should get on that before i get into all that collegey crap...

so, while you can now look forward to about two months worth of finished pages, you may also look forward to a special treat i am working on for y'all...
i wish i could tell you all about it, but i dont want to spoil anything ;) you'll like it i promise!

xoxo thanks for sticking around!!

posted by Pandabarrie on July 31st, 2008, 6:51 am   ||   1 comments


alright first off, sorry for the day-late post, and all the other stuff i promised.
Page 10 turned out very badly but i have attempted to fix it so many times that for the time being i'll let it be...
considering this page was originally done 2 times already, the first in the original, the second like a year ago (this is an old comic i'm fixing up all the pages for you guys), and those two pages were pretty much the worst done in the entire comic (slight exaggeration perhaps) this is actually an improvement.

anyway...lets see what you guys have to enjoy now...there are now 6 cats up in the characters profile, there is finally an incentive for topwebcomics (rather bloody? did someone die? maybe i'm just tricking you ;))

oh! i also submitted a vote link to TWC of Birchpaw, so maybe if you are voting around, you MIGHT bump into him soon :)

oh...and something i thought that i'd add is that in like a half an hour i'll be 18!! yaaay now i can buy cigarettes, go to the clubs, and date older people!!
haha :P
thats all for now...
oh! except i might mention that this is a really hectic week, so i haven't had a chance to work on an update, it'll likely be a day or so late. sorry :/

posted by Pandabarrie on April 1st, 2008, 10:25 pm   ||   0 comments